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Uncovering the Surprising Reasons You're Gaining Weight in Your Office Job

Reasons, why you gain weight in your new job, are numerous. When we start a new job we work very hard, often not leaving the desk for hours at a time. Weight loss in the office can be almost impossible unless we put a few strategies in place to stay fit and healthy while working hard.

Lack of Physical Activity

Weight gain occurs when we consume more calories than we burn, and this is compounded by sitting down often for 7-9 hours with very little movement. Most offices provide little opportunity to exercise, so it is necessary for us to

ensure that we get some physical activity before and after work.

  • walking to and from work when possible
  • cycling to work and home when the weather permits
  • going to the gym before work
  • setting up a home gym in your garage

Studies show that social networks play a role in determining whether an individual will gain weight or not. So if you have an active group of friends the chances are that you will also be active. Family groups also play a part in weight gain, and if your parents are overweight you may be overweight as well.


Starting a new job is stressful and stress causes your body to burn less fat making the fat more likely to be stored.

Cortisol a hormone is produced and released in our bodies when we are stressed, so being under constant stress is damaging. When Cortisol is released, it causes a surge of energy and stimulates the appetite, especially for sweet and fatty foods. So we have to think about what we eat and choose our fats carefully. Avacado is a healthy fat, but some of the dressings are very unhealthy, so if you order a salad for lunch leave the dressing off. Preparing our food and taking lunch from home is a good way to avoid unhealthy fat, and when lunchtime comes we have what we need without having to go to the canteen and be tempted into making unhealthy choices.

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Long hours, and working in an unfamiliar environment takes a level of adjustment. If you are aiming for weight loss in the office, it is important to stick to whole foods and choose a natural supplement to energize you and maintain your general health. If you have a slightly higher metabolic rate, you are more likely to remain slim.

Eating Habits

Eating habits can be changed, and when sitting at a desk all day we actually need to consume fewer calories.

So that cellular repair can occur in our bodies it is essential that we are not eating all the time. During the lock-down, many of us worked from home and ate a lot of food constantly, so being in a new job is a way to re-calibrate our metabolism by implementing some intermittent fasting and speeding up our metabolic rate. When we eat a lot of carbohydrates, it causes our blood sugar levels to rise and the hormone, insulin, is released into our bloodstream. In turn, insulin acts like a key unlocking the cells and allowing excess energy to be stored as fat.

So to better manage our blood sugar levels, we need to eat more healthy choices and less food. Doing this is very beneficial to heart health, and will keep our blood pressure levels low. Unstructured eating schedules can be hard to handle in a new job, so if you normally eat lunch at 1 pm, try to stick to this pattern and don’t eat mid-morning snacks.

Fat burning is linked to your rate of metabolism, and your metabolism must be efficient and effective to burn more fat.

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Unhealthy Lifestyle

Many of us love our social life, and if we are constantly out partying and drinking every night it can take its toll on our health. Getting eight hours of sleep most nights is important, and we lose weight while we sleep, so don’t eat and drink just before bed, and don’t consume alcohol every day as it depletes our bodies of important vitamins, like vitamin B group. While we are sleeping our bodies begin to initiate cell repair, and changes in hormone levels also occur at night meaning that stored fat is more readily burned while we sleep.

Some people still smoke, as they say, that it calms them and curbs their appetite. Smoking is very unhealthy and expensive, as well as extremely aging, so if you smoke get help to give it up fast.

2022 statistics show Trust for America’s Health’s (TFAH) 19th annual report states that America has an obesity crisis.

Four in ten American adults suffer from obesity. Obesity is defined as having a body mass index of more than 30. and overeating fast food is becoming an epidemic. If you are concerned about your weight go to the doctor and ask him/her to work out your BMI, and advise you accordingly (Body Mass Index).

We are now completely surrounded by fast food outlets, and although it is great to go out for a hamburger and chips, this is not sustainable for good health or weight loss. Most countries are becoming increasingly obese, so practice some home cooking and try to consume lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Weight loss in the office is much easier when you eat fresh home-cooked food.

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If we practice a healthy lifestyle for a while it becomes a habit, and this is particularly important for our children to learn. Recently a report was released saying that we now have a whole generation of adults in their forties who won’t live as long as their parent’s generation because they are obese.


One of the main reasons that you may gain weight in a new office job is that you lack energy. You may benefit from a dietary supplement that can be added to your morning coffee. Java Burn is an all-natural powder supplement that will help you to stay energized all day, and in turn, your metabolism will increase and you will feel like exercising more as your energy levels return.